Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gracie and Magic at Colby Creek

Gracie and Magic in fine form over the course at Colby Creek.
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Happy Is A Little Too Happy!

Happy over-jumps this coop by about 2 feet but somehow, when physics would suggest otherwise (notice heels coming up and out of stirrups), Gemma is able to stick on him!

Yes, she really did stay on!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


To my horse-loving children,
Today while installing a hay feeder in your pony's pen, I accidentally backed into the electric fence. The wire touched the back of my neck and gave me the ZAP of a lifetime.  As you know, that fence is EXTREMELY strong for such a small area because it needed to contain Hayes when he was a stallion.  I've been shocked by it before but never up high, so close to my BRAIN!!!  I can't begin to explain the sensation and pain of this type of jolt!  So my dear children, when I am old and start losing my memory and you are tempted to make fun of me because I am repeating myself, I want you to remember this incident and how I tirelessly cared for your ponies and how this one incident probably fried half of my brain!