Thursday, May 1, 2008

Colorado Trip April 24--Click here for photos!

So, I'm about 5 weeks post partum and feeling a little hormonal right?. I kept saying "one of these days we're going to get in that van and just head West! I was crawling out of my skin and needed to get away. Scott was out of town on business so I called him and asked if he could get a flight into Denver instead of home into Lincoln. I proposed that the kids and I would make the 7 hour drive over to Denver, pick him up at the airport and head up into the mountains for the weekend. He agreed so after I researched a place for us to stay in Estes Park, I started packing for all 6 of us!

So the 7 hour drive turns into 10 because I have to stop and nurse Marshall every so often but Scott's flight was delayed into Denver so we still made it with time to spare. So much time that we headed into downtown Denver and paid the Cherry Creek Mall a visit. Whoa!!! What a mall. I've decided Denver is my new favorite city!

Estes Park was incredible and we can't wait to return. The Rocky Mountain National Park was just what the Dr. ordered for my foggy post partum brain! We had a fabulous time and returned home feeling refreshed!

Gemma's Kindergarten Class Video

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