Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

County Fair

We just completed the horse riding portion of this year's county fair.  The weather was beautiful and everyone had a blast!  Seward's county fair only offers two English riding classes so both girls decided to don some Western riding gear and participate in the Western classes and games.  Both horses and girls were a "bit" confused at times, but overall they were really glad they participated.  The most complicated part of switching back and forth is the steering because in Western  you "neck rein" (one handed) and in English you "direct rein"(two handed).  Gracie and Gemma earned ribbons of all colors throughout 14 different classes so while they didn't take all blues and purples, both kids and horses learned a lot!  Here are a few of my favorite shots or click HERE for all of Day 1 and HERE for all of Day 2!